Test Pilot Program Protocol

  1. Ask all new students to promptly register as Federation members
    1. https://soobahkdo.us/members/
      1. Hardship & Military Complementary Memberships available
        1. eligible to receive membership kit
      2. 30-day trial available (no autorenewal)
        1. eligible to receive membership kit
      3. 60-day trial available auto renews at $95
        1. Eligible to receive membership kit
        2. Student effectively receives 14 months for $95
      4. $85 annual membership available
        1. Eligible to receive membership kit
  2. Present membership kit to the student when notified they have activated Federation membership
    1. Test student/parent by presenting it in front of other students and parents to stimulate word-of-mouth dialog and to make visible to non-members what they get when they activate their membership
  3. Record Membership Kit serial number XYZ as delivered to Gup Number ZZZ
    1. This action clears it from your inventory
  4. Prepare new student member to be tested for 9th Gup in 30 Days
    1. Per your regular school practices
  5. Submit Group Test recommendations via online Group Test Form
    1. https://soobahkdo.us/schools/submit-a-gup-test/
  6. Print Gup Certificates on the provided preprinted serial numbered certificate stock
    1. Respect confidentiality of erroneous certificates
    2. Record voided certificate serial numbers and destroy misprints
  7. Test eligible students for 8th Gup at 90 days
  8. Offer monthly testing opportunities for eligible students
  9. Allow students who miss a test due to schedule conflicts to test at the next monthly test.