Moo Duk Kwan® Certified Schools & Instructors

When you initiate an online recommendation for a student to test for dan rank:

  1. Your recommendation will partially complete a World Moo Duk Kwan Application For Dan Promotion form and then automatically notify the student that you are recommending them to test for dan on a specified exam date and that they need to  complete their application packet via online submission.
  2. Recommendations that you initiate for students will display in the Instructor's Dashboard.
  3. You control when email notification of your recommendation is sent to the student. When you send notification to the student they receive an email link to complete their application online.
  4. The email link the student receives will direct them straight to their online application that you have started for them.
  5. You can monitor in your dashboard which students respond to your recommendation notifications.
  6. You can send reminder notifications if needed.
  7. You can review your student's applications after they complete them and you must approve them before sending to Regional Examiners
  8. OPTIONAL: Your regional officials may require that instructors upload  proof of the amount of fees they have remitted for all their students at the time they approve applications for Regional Examiner online review.
  9. You can also print out each students' completed application form or a single page report of all your students to include for reconciliation with your manual fee remittance as instructed in your region.
  10. Online payment option is not available at this time.